Who We Are

The Fair Elections Project is working to change how politics works in the United States and help end the partisan gridlock that grips the nation. When elections don’t really matter because the district lines determine which party will be in control, the people don’t have a voice. This is contrary both to our historical tradition of fairness and the Constitutional requirement that all voters are equal citizens.

Our Work

The Fair Elections Project is fighting for fair redistricting around the country by inspiring and supporting litigation, legislation, and public advocacy to stop partisan gerrymandering. The goal is to end map-rigging, so that instead of politicians choosing their voters, voters can choose their elected officials, and elections will again be meaningful.

Meet the Team

Sachin Chheda

Sachin Chheda

Director and co-founder of the Fair Elections Project.
Holly Bland

Holly Bland

Deputy Director of the Fair Elections Project.

Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition

The Fair Elections Project is a member organization of the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition, whose mission is to advocate for and enact, in law and practice, an independent and nonpartisan redistricting method in Wisconsin, and to educate and engage the public in the process of adopting and implementing nonpartisan maps. Learn more about the Coalition and our work together in Wisconsin here. 

Contact Us

5027 W North Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Email: info@fairelectionsproject.com