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Is Gerrymandering Forever?

Gerrymandering guarantees undemocratic elections. Activists in Wisconsin are organizing to win an uphill battle for a fairer process. By KATJUSA CISAR  High school student Michael Nichols became an activist against gerrymandering as he was wrapping up his senior year...

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Advocates Rally At Capitol For Nonpartisan Redistricting Plan

Plan For Drawing Political Maps Is Based On A Similar System In Iowa By Shawn Johnson With the next round of redistricting looming, a group of lawmakers has reintroduced a long shot proposal to create a nonpartisan system for drawing the state's political map for the...

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Restoring sanity to Wisconsin government

By Ruth Conniff The conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns an emergency public health order in the middle of a pandemic — even as new COVID cases rise. Writing for the majority, Justice Brian Hagedorn acknowledges that the...

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Why can’t Wisconsin keep a mask mandate? Gerrymandering

Our Legislature could be doing more to help Wisconsinites, but they aren’t By Mel Barnes It didn’t have to be this way. Our state Legislature could be doing more to help Wisconsinites, but they aren’t. Why? Because too many legislative districts are drawn so that...

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The next big political war: redistricting

By Stef W. Kight Democrats are preparing a mix of tech and legal strategies to combat expected gerrymandering by Republicans, who are planning to go on legal offense themselves. Why it matters: Democrats failed to regain a single state legislature on Election Day,...

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