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Gerrymandering drives partisanship

By Larry Eriksson Republicans have made Wisconsin one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. In the Nov. 3 elections for the state Assembly, Democrats received 46% of the votes, but only 38% of the Assembly seats. In the elections for the state...

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Lawmakers Prepare for Battles Over Congressional Redistricting

With several states poised to gain or lose seats in the House, Republicans and Democrats gear up for fights in legislatures, courts By Natalie Andrews The fight over House districts in 2022 is starting well before new lines on state maps are drawn. Lawmakers, outside...

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The election won’t stop the partisan gerrymandering epidemic

State legislatures across the country will undergo a deeply partisan process of drawing district lines using the new census data starting next year. BY MARK SULLIVAN On election night (and throughout election week) most of us were very tuned in to the big national...

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Gerrymandering supports bad leaders

By Vivian Creekmore We assume that our Republican leaders are intelligent, educated and informed. Should we assume that when they share disinformation, they are lying? They know enough about medical science and research to understand how the COVID-19 crisis needs to...

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The election is over. Wisconsin turns to redistricting.

An end-around the governor? A recall of state Supreme Court justices? Primary challenges? How far will the parties go to defend, or break, Wisconsin’s gerrymandered districts? By Peter Cameron The veto is intact. Now that the election is over, it’s time to move on to...

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