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Fred Kessler: How to draw fair maps in Wisconsin

By Fred Kessler As a Wisconsin legislator, I was one of the people who sued the state in 2011, arguing that maps drawn by my Republican colleagues amounted to an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. It was the case that prompted the Supreme Court to decide last year...

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2020 election again shows lopsided Republican legislative maps

By Mitchell Schmidt Continuing a decade-long trend in Wisconsin due in part to GOP-drawn legislative maps, Democratic candidates on Tuesday secured fewer legislative seats than what their statewide vote total would suggest. A Wisconsin State Journal analysis of...

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Will We Ever Slay the Evil Gerrymander?

One state took a small step this week , but we're a long way from eliminating noncompetitive districts and partisan malfeasance. By ALAN EHRENHALT After the 1980 census, when California Democrats needed to redraw their state legislative districts, they turned to their...

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