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Supreme Court tosses Wisconsin legislative voting maps

By JESSICA GRESKO and SCOTT BAUER WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out Wisconsin state legislative maps that were preferred by the state’s Democratic governor and selected by Wisconsin’s top court, making it unclear what the boundaries will be...

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Surprise victory on fair maps

By Matt Rothschild The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday delivered a surprise, if partial, victory on the issue of fair maps. In a 4-3 ruling written by Justice Brian Hagedorn, the Court chose the maps drawn by Gov. Tony Evers as the maps the state will...

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Vos, LeMahieu Ready to Rig the Maps Again

By Matt Rothschild On Sept. 23, Speaker Robin Vos and Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu introduced a resolution that makes clear they want to rig the maps again the upcoming redistricting. In Assembly Joint Resolution 80, they spelled out their criteria for drawing...

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Dems seek public hearing on Fair Maps bills

By Matt Rothschild The Democratic co-authors of the bills to ban gerrymandering in Wisconsin have requested a public hearing on them. Sen. Jeff Smith and Rep. Deb Andraca introduced their bills ( Senate Bill 389 and  Assembly Bill 395) back on May 17. On August 5,...

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