The bipartisan fight to end gerrymandering in Wisconsin

By Sophia Voight

Former majority leaders of the Wisconsin Senate Dale Schultz (R) and Tim Cullen (D) joined together to end gerrymandering in Wisconsin in an effort to create a more representative government in the state.

Schultz and Cullen have been traveling around Wisconsin educating people on the disadvantages of gerrymandering and proposing policy solutions for nearly a decade.

In a panel discussion over Collaborate Ultra on Sept. 16, Schultz, Cullen and Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Debra Cronmiller discussed how the adoption of the “Iowa solution” could end unfair mapping in Wisconsin.

Gerrymandering is the drawing of representational districts to create an unfair political advantage for one party.

“Gerrymandering is about abuse of power; it’s about one party having total power,” Cullen said.

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